Ireland, and Dublin in particular, is home to the headquarters of many of the largest companies in the world. Google, Facebook, Apple, Paypal, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Twitter and AirBnB all have their European headquarters in Ireland and there are many more than just that list. These companies provide huge employment in Ireland and are always searching for multi-lingual employees – people just like you. Finding a job in Ireland is not difficult and the easy access to the labour market means that you will be able to start searching as soon as you arrive. Here are 5 ways to start looking: is one the largest, if not the largest recruitment website in Ireland. You can connect with recruitment and agencies here as they both advertise directly.


LinkedIn is quickly becoming the most popular recruitment website in Ireland and are one of the companies that have their European headquarters located here. Once your profile is up to date, LinkedIn will automatically recommend jobs that you might be interested in. It’s also a great tool to expand your network and connect with people. If you’re not registered, create a profile before you arrive and get it up to date.


Ireland is a hub of activity when it comes to start ups and these new companies are always looking for employees to help bring their ideas to life. is one of the best sites to find a job in these companies.


JobsExpo is an annual event run every year in Ireland with the aim of connecting employers with job hunters. We know you might not be in Ireland when it is on but if you are, it is well worth visiting. It is a great opportunity to meet different companies face to face and show them your experience, rather than just relying on your CV.

Talk to your school!

Nothing is more important than local knowledge. Talk to the staff in your English language school and ask them about different companies in the location, who the biggest employers are and if they have any contacts they can share with you. Many schools run CV workshops which will get your CV up to date in English and some will also help you with fake interviews and can offer Business English courses.

Of course, would be happy to help you with your CV and job search if you book a course through our website. Our headquarters are in Ireland so we know the market. We might even hire you ourselves!

If you have any questions about learning English in Ireland, or would like help booking an English course in Ireland, please feel free to contact Book A Language School on [email protected] or visit our website. Alternatively, just fill in the form below and we will reply within 24 hours!