Terms & Conditions

By using this website, you agree to be irrevocably bound by the Terms and Conditions laid out below. These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and bookalanguageschool.com (henceforth also referred to as “the website”). If you do not agree with any of the Terms or Conditions, do not use this website and do not make any bookings through this website. Conditional to your use of this website is your agreement not to use the website for any purposes that are unlawful or prohibited by the Terms and Conditions.
The purchase of a course through the website constitutes the creation of a contract between you and the school. (For clarity, “the school” refers to the language institution to which you will attend for your purchased course). Upon purchase of a course, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the school which can be found on the profile of each school on the website and which must be agreed to when making a payment. bookalanguageschool.com accepts no responsibility for any monies paid directly to the school or for any issues arising from your contract with them.
Once you have paid a deposit on bookalanguageschool.com, your booking request is communicated to your chosen school. A confirmation of your booking is also sent to the email address you provide at the time of your payment. Your booking is not considered confirmed until the school accepts and confirms it. You are bound to the booking for 14 days from the date of payment of deposit or until the school accepts/rejects the booking. In the event that you booking is not accepted by the school or the school has not replied within 14 days, then Section 1 of the cancellation policy will apply and you will be entitled to a 100% refund of your deposit. If you require a Visa to travel to the destination of your booking, it is your responsibility to obtain this. We recommend you apply at least 8 weeks in advance of your planned travel date. It is also your responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure you are legally able to travel to and partake in your chosen booking.

The following cancellation policies apply only to the initial deposit payment made directly to the website. Any subsequent monies paid to the school are subject to the school’s terms and conditions, and to the schools cancellation policy.

  1. Cancellation/Non-acceptance of the booking by the School:In the event that the school cancels your booking at any time or is unable to accept or confirm your booking, you will be offered two choices:
    1. Your deposit will be 100% refunded.
    2. bookalanguageschool.com will retain your deposit and will arrange another booking for you, of your choosing. Please note that if you choose this option, no refund either partial or full is possible but you may be required to make an additional deposit payment, if the replacement booking chosen is of a higher value that the original booking.
  2. Cancellations due to personal or other reasons:
    • Cancellations received 31+ days in advance of the course start date – 100% refund
    • Cancellations received 15-30 days in advance of the course start date – 75% refund
    • Cancellations received 7-14 days in advance of the course start date – 50% refund
    • Cancellations received less than 7 days in advance of the course start date – 0% refund
    • Termination/cancellation after the course start date – 0% refund
  3. VISA Refusal:In the event of cancellation due to Visa refusal, the following terms apply:
    • Cancellations received 14+ days in advance of the course start date – 100% refund
    • Cancellations received less than 14 days in advance of the course start date – 0% refund
    • Termination/cancellation after the course start date – 0% refund

    When a cancellation occurs due to Visa refusal, you must provide us with a copy of the official documents which outline the reasons for your Visa refusal. You must also provide correspondence from the school that you have returned to them all original documentation they provided in order to assist you in gaining a Visa. No refund will be considered until the above conditions have been fulfilled. Additionally, no refund will be considered where the following reasons for Visa refusal apply:

    • If you have to have lied or to have falsified any information in your Visa request application
    • If the organisation responsible for issuing your Visa believes that you are not a genuine student
    • If you have been refused a Visa in the past
    • If for any reason your Visa is cancelled after you have travelled to your destination country
    • Where you have left your destination country and have been refused re-entry
    • Any other reason where you were knowingly at fault for the Visa refusal

Please note: All cancellations, including those for Visa refusal reason, must be made in writing and by the person who made the booking. Refund payments will only be made to the card that was used to make the initial deposit payment to the website. For your own protection, we advise that you obtain travel insurance. Please note that cancellations must also be communicated directly to the school by you. bookalanguageschool.com cannot liaise with the school on your behalf. Any money paid directly to the school is subject to school’s cancellation policy and refund policy. Where applicable, refunds of this money will be decided upon and actioned by the school.

When applicable, refunds will only be made to the person who originally made the booking and will only be made to the card that was originally used to make the booking. Refunds will be considered and processed according to the cancellation policy.
Unless otherwise stated, the prices displayed are in the currency of the country in which the school is located. Payments received will be calculated at the current exchange rate on the day of payment.

You must book a course in order to book an accommodation. Bookings for accommodation only will not be accepted by the school. Generally accommodation can be booked from the Sunday immediately preceding your course start date, to the Saturday immediately following your course end date. The school reserve the right to charge for any additional nights of accommodation. If you intend to book accommodation to begin or end on days different to those stated above, please contact us before booking to confirm availability of the accommodation. Failure to do so may result in your deposit being forfeit should a cancellation arise due to the accommodation not being available on your chosen dates.

PLEASE NOTE: For reservations including accommodation, we must confirm availability of the accommodation with the school. This process can take up to 48 hours. Your booking is not confirmed until the school confirms that your chosen accommodation is available. Please do not book flights or other services before receiving confirmation from the school.

Airport Transfer
If you book this service, the school will require your flight details at least 7 days in advance of your arrival.
Public Holidays
Most course start dates are Mondays. In the event that your course start date is a bank holiday, the course will generally start on the following day. Each school has its own policy in relation to this and it is your responsibility to check the school’s policy before booking. bookalanguageschool.com can accept no responsibility for classes not available on public holidays and no refunds will be offered in this circumstance.
Lowest Price Guarantee

bookalanguageschool.com will always endeavour to offer you the lowest price available for your booking.

  • In the event that you have not already made a booking and you find the same booking for a lower price elsewhere, bookalanguageschool.com will match this price and offer you an additional 5% discount on the amount of initial your deposit payment.*
  • In the event that you have completed a booking with bookalanguageschool.com and find the same booking available for a lower price elsewhere within a 48-hour period of making your booking, bookalanguageschool.com will refund the difference to you.

Please note that in both circumstances above that bookalanguageschool.com can honour the “Lowest Price Guarantee” only when bookalanguageschool.com does not incur a loss-making cost to do so. We will also require proof the lower priced offering consisting of a URL link to the lower priced offering and a dated screenshot of the offering. If the authenticity of the lower priced offering cannot be verified to the satisfaction of bookalanguageschool.com, then bookalanguageschool.com reserves the right to refuse to match the price.
*To obtain this offer, you will be required to pay the bookalanguageschool.com deposit, as displayed on the website, in full. The difference in price along with the additional 5% discount will then be refunded to you within 14 days of the date of your payment.

Minimum Group Size
Some specialised courses require a minimum group size to proceed. In the event that this group size is not achieved, the school reserves the right to substitute a reduced number of higher value lessons. Please refer to the schools terms and conditions for more information.